I was in Okkamon, again (I am seriously thinking about moving my next stash of ships to Okkamon, I always find my fights there), when a Breacher jumps into my plex.

I stay with fusion (in retrospect, I should have loaded EMP, but I didn’t), overload my repper and guns, and set course to engage.

At first it does not look like I am going to win, he’s slowly eroding my tank while I am not making any progress. When I start bleeding into structure, suddenly he explodes. I guess his stash of charges ran out and my fusion chewed through his armor and structure pretty quick.

I try to lock his pod, but my safety is on yellow from a recent trip to high sec. Anyway, I am not sure I want to go the -10 route, I guess I’ll leave it on yellow for now.

My first solo kill.