Once upon a time in Okkamon, a Republic Fleet Firetail jumps into my plex.

Not a ship I am familiar with. I keep Fusion loaded. That seems to be a common error for me - under stress, when engaging Minmatar, I tend to stay with Fusion. Fusion for Rifter, EMP for everything else. Except the firetail, thermal (Phased Plasma) for that.

I overheat repper and guns, angled approach, but I take damage coming in. That would be the firetails tracking bonus. Once our webs apply, I start doing damage as well, but I let him come too close. My second mistake. I die at 2km. I should have kept him as far away as possible to exploit the rifters falloff bonus.

Not a close fight, but I did scratch his structure.

Edit: It was an arty firetail, disregard what I said about keeping away …