I am leaving Perkone Factory when I notice Lady Patricia’s shuttle just floating 20km off the undock. Easy prey for a budding pirate like me. Let’s be honest here, I am kind of crap at the solo game. Easy prey is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve been killed by gate guns, so I’ve learned to align before opening fire. I don’t manage to kill the shuttle before I have to warp off. I should have taken more time to align my approach with my escape vector. But she does not notice a thing, I warp back to the crime scene and finish my dirty deed. The gate guns don’t care.

And then … there is the pod, just sitting there. I had planned to rat my sec status back up to 2. I am not sure I want to go full pirate. But … it’s just sitting there. The easiest prey of all. I switch the safety to red and open fire. Ooooh, shiny!

The gate guns notice, too. Apparently, podding is considered a separate crime. Who knew! I almost make it into warp, but I was already deep into armour. Spaceship go boom!

Well, I learned something new for the bargain price of 5M ISK or so after insurance.

Actually, I learned two things. I guess I am a bloodthirsty pirate, after all.