There is a Federation Navy Comet on d-scan at a novice plex. I warp to 10km, overheat all the buttons and switch to something explosive. Or I try to anyway. It’s been a while since I’ve flown a missile ship, so I get confused and load Scourge instead of Nova.

I start the approach, launch my drones, activate afterburner, launchers and scram. The comet seems to pull away which confuses me. I had assumed it would be a brawler. I hit orbit and notice I forgot to web him. I web him, and while I am at it I tell my drones to attack.

My shield is about gone, when the armor starts to dip, I activate my shield booster and repper in tandem. I don’t remember where I learned about that trick, I think it was a Suitonia video. Anyway, after about 4 cycles, I am all repped up. I deactivate the reppers.

I don’t make much progress with the Comet’s tank either. His shields are long gone, but the armor is all topped up, and my rockets don’t seem to take out big chunks. Some kind of active/buffer tank hybrid.

Speaking of big chunks … when he reaches my armor, it goes down fast. Very fast. Oooops, I forgot to re-activate my reppers! Boom! There goes the breacher!

So what did I learn today?

  • I need some missile damage cheet sheet
  • Very little buffer with this fit, you have to pay constant attention to your tank.

I like the breacher. Fun ship, lots of buttons to press. Lots of room for pilot improvement ;)