There is a lone punisher on d-scan at a novice plex. I warp to 10km and overheat my reppers and launchers. I have Nova already loaded (it’s my default ammo now, for some reason I don’t have a problem remembering that Mjolnir is EM). In the plex I start by gaining some range. I manage to activate all my modules and start the long, long dance. I have good tank. He has good tank. Turns out my tank is better but the fight takes long enough for me to burn out my launchers. The good news is he burns out his lasers a little bit later. My drones finish his structure.

After the fight I lock his pod but I drifted out of scram range. He does not try to escape though, so I close back in and scram him. And kill his pod with my drones. Sure got my value out of those little guys.

Actually this was one of my better fights. I even did some manual piloting which is a first. Let’s just say I will have to work on range control next :)

I haz killmark

And this is how I got my first killmark.