I am in Okkamon, spoiling for a fight when a firetail jumps in my plex. I’ve seen him on D-Scan and I have already loaded EMP. Also my drones are out and set to aggressive.

We start the dance. It’s an arty firetail and he tries to stay away from me. I do manage to stay in range for most of the fight, but at the end I notice my scram and web are turned off.

My shield booster runs out of charges. My repper runs out of paste. I barely bring him into structure. My breacher runs out of structure.

Again a pretty good fight. I am improving and I think the Breacher is a good ship for this. It’s tanky, the fights tend to last a bit longer, you get to practice more before your ship explodes.

A couple of points:

  • I had trouble keeping in range - but I see that the guy likes to fly dual web.
  • Still I need to watch my ranges more
  • And my cap. I am not sure why my web turned off at one point, but it did. Maybe I ran out of cap?
  • I don’t think firetails are shield tanked. Should have loaded Scourge