A fed nayv comet is waiting at the plex. I have Nova loaded. This one does not try to pull away. I manage to stay 3km to 4km off. For some reason my auto attack drones do not actually attack until I tell them so.

Things go pretty well until I run out of cap. I know I run out of cap because a voice is telling me so, repeatedly. Is that new? Anyway, I like it. This time I know that cap is the issue

I panic and switch of my repper and booster, these are the buttons I press the most. I don’t have much of a buffer, so the fight is over pretty soon after that.

I should have switched off the scram. He has me over the barrel, he is not warping off. For bonus points, I would have noticed the cap issue above 25% where recharge rate plummets.

I will have a look at my cap skills. And I will have to investigate some other damage control: the one I had fitted is suddenly worth 8M ISK, more than the rest of the fit.