The Atron was one of the first ships I flew in EVE Uni, and it was love. I don’t really know why, I just like flying Atrons. I like going fast, and I like the look. Like a bantamweight boxer, flattened nose and up in your grill. Makes me smile.

But the skill plan went in a different direction, I specialized on Minmatar ships first, because Stiletto and Claw (Windrunners! I was in Pandemic Horde at the time, much fun) and Sabre and Svipul. But the Atron was always in the back of my mind, and recently I’ve pushed for small Hybrids and Gallente Frigate. So I’ve been researching fits, and looking up attributes and generally researching Atrons.

On the other hand, I never cared either way about ship skins. So you can have different looks for your exploding pixels now? Well, that’s nice, I guess, if you like that kind of thing.

And then for some reason I clicked on the skins tab in game, and I saw it. My precious!


So I made a spreadsheet, comparing PLEX and Aurum prices and conversion rates. I made a buy order. And then I watched the sell price, unmoving, for a week. Until I ran out of patience this morning. I matched the sell price. And today after work (stop reading Rixx, you don’t want to know) I put some warp stabs on an Atron and flew my wardecced ass to Jita. Finally, united.

I guess I like ship skins, after all.