Since joining Stay Frosty, my security status has been going down. I am not a very succesful pirate, so the decline is slow, but it is there. Killing pods is much worse than killing ships - I seem to loose 0.75% for aggressing a ship, and almost 10% for agressing a pod. I have a couple of levels of fast talk, so the numbers may have changed a bit but the basic relation should be the same.

There are already systems in high sec where the faction navies have taken a dislike - I can’t dawdle in 1.0 and 0.9 systems anymore. Which made me doubt my decision to kill all the pods, and last weekend I tried some belt ratting to limit the damage to my sec status.

i rat things up and agress them down

I’ve done this before in EVE University, but those were Serpentis rats. Around Ishomilken, it’s Guristas. They use missiles, and they web you. I tried using a Trasher against a clone soldier. RIP Thrasher.

So I came up with a brilliant plan to use a RLM Bellicose. It’s the only cruiser and weapon system where I have good skills. And it worked, kind of. I almost killed my first clone soldier, except I forgot to launch my drones for the first RLM cycle. I got him into structure, then ran out of missiles. I did not find another spawn, but I think I could have killed him in 2 cycles if I had launched the drones at the start.

Probably better to use a Vexor like everybody else. But … I am not having fun, and I doubt I would have fun in a Vexor.

So I did some reading. I even made a chart with tokens needed and their values, but then I found this by Steve Ronuken: Tags for Sec

Anyway, 340M ISK to completely repair my security status. Hell yeah, sign me up! I should have done my reading before wasting my weekend on rats. And my safety is going red again, because I AM GOING TO POD ALL THE THINGS!

PS: I am glad I voted for Steve Ronuken
PPS: If you have not voted yet, please vote for Steven Ronuken. And Joffy. No order implied
PPPS: If, on my travels, I would encounter Steve Ronuken, I would totally pod him.
PPPPS: I would not pod Joffy, because Joffy is much better than me at PVP.