Banatron has risen from the ashes and his yellowness blinded his foe! Maybe it reflected the laserbeams?

Anyway, Bananatron emerged victorious from glorious single combat with a T1 Executioner piloted by a hardened 2 month veteran pilot! With a little help from a caldari frigatte.

bananatron victorious

I almost feel bad about this one. T1 fit, 2 month old pilot. I sent him some ISK. I was pleasantly surprised he went at me alone - militia pilots usually don’t in my experience.

This time around I tried a rail fit. Also manual piloting all around - I managed the ranges OK-ish for the most part. Keeping traversal down will need more practice.

I am not sure I would have won this against a T2 fit executioner with a more experienced pilot. Still, nice to resume PVP with a win after my ratting extravaganza. Much more fun.

And I did try to pod him. He warped off though. Good on him :)