– This may help to get in a Horde frame of mind

Pandemic Horde does not have SRP (there are exceptions, but as a general rule: Just say No)

Some people seem to be baffled by this. Mr Mittens, for one, is harping on and on about it. As are the CFC members spamming O1Y-ED local. It really seems to boggle their minds.

I’ve been in Pandemic Horde for the majority of my time in EVE. I have been in corporations that had SRP (EVE-Uni and KarmaFleet). I’ve never missed SRP in Horde.

I think not having SRP is a key factor in what Horde is all about: no drama, no bullshit, just pew pew pew.

  • No filling out forms
  • No drama because some special snowflake got their SRP denied
  • No drama because some ships (are not|should not be|should be) SRP-ed
  • No middle management SRP department
  • Anybody can FC - if they can get people to join their fleet
  • No filling out forms for the prospective FC
  • No middle management FC supervision jobs
  • Line members are encouraged to learn from mistakes. Say a newbie FC takes a Ferox fleet out into 120 bombers. With SRP that’s excellent ISK/hour, without SRP it’s a learning opportunity.

My personal favorites? All the “no middle management” bits. Good riddance.

I’d rather pay for my ships.

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