So I went on my first roam with my new corp mates from Black Shark Cult. I am still moving, so the only AB frigatte I had on hand was a breacher. Lovely ship, but in retrospect a poor choice. Lots of buttons to press when flying a breacher. And boy, am I out of practice.

Much Buttons, Wow

We have a fun little roam around Caldari FW space. In Eha, we finally find a fight - an Algos jumps into the small plex a corpie is baiting in.

Really bad performance on my part. I forgot to switch ammo - I really should have loaded rage against a destroyer. I did launch my drones, but I think I forgot to order them to attack. I did overload my reppers, but I was much too late activating them. I only got off 2 cycles.

I think I will switch to something that needs less micromanagement for a bit.