I wanted a simple ship to get over my shakes, so I cooked up a batch of merlins. Yesterday they were ready so I fit a blaster merlin and went on a little roam.

I could not find a solo fight so I made my way back to Hykanima. I idled some in a novice plex when a Firetail appeared on D-scan.

I was pretty fast with locking him and put my 2 webs on him. He did manage to pull a bit off and put a scram on me. And then … I just could not close into void range. By this time I had the shakes real bad and I did not think to overheat my AB. He was MWD fit of course. By the time I had crept into range I was down to 25% shields or so. I did manage to get him to half shields, then I popped.

I guess I should have fit scram and web after all. Looking at his last Firetail loss, he had about 50% more EHP - but I had 50% more DPS. Another time, maybe.

This fight was not quite as bad as the last one, but I really need to get over those shakes.