Cap with integrated cooling device

After yesterdays adventure I’ve taken a closer look at my fit, and boy, have I been wrong.

Warp scrambler, web and afterburner use almost no cap - 0.3 GJ/s for scram and web, 0.675 GJ/s for the AB (I use the enduring metas of all three). With those 3 modules running, my Breacher is cap stable at 91%.

The only other module that is using cap is the AAR, and it’s using a lot of cap: 8.33 GJ/s

So … on this particular fit, the only thing that makes a difference from a cap perspective is the AAR. Running low on cap? Don’t run the AAR. Everything else is peanuts.

Still - even with the AAR running (along with everything else), cap should have lasted for 1 min 50 seconds. I don’t think the fight lasted 2 minutes. More like 30 seconds. And I still had half of my paste.

He must have neuted me.

Next time: when running low on cap, switch of the AAR. Leave everything else on.

I am also thinking of switching to the scoped meta scrambler. It would need more cap (0.75 GJ/s), but the range would be better, maybe allowing me to stay out of neut range.